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Instagram Campaign 24hr Engagement from December 10, 201
Instagram Campaign 24hr Engagement from December 10, 2017

à la Carte… TRY FLOOD and test our work risk free without obligation. No matter what service your choose, no matter what size your company, every new client can lock these rates for eight months. (à la Carte trials do not include Facebook Boost budget.)


Sizzling Custom Content…
Prepared exclusively for your business and tailored to your business assets, brandworthy, unlimited usage in ads, media, etc. 

– one article – $275
– two article – $375

…On Your Page
Share our story about you from your Page with a targeted boost that drives your message to new audiences directly from your Facebook Business Page. Includes “Sizzling Custom Content.”

– one post – $299
– two post – $399

…On Our Page
Share your business story and drive website traffic with your target demographic from Flood’s Page – immediate results, your business does NOT require a presence on social media to participate, 3rd party authority. Includes “Sizzling Custom Content.”

– one post – $339
– two post – $439

Facebook Campaign Targeting…
Flood analyzes your current Facebook Posts and recommends boosts, then boosts the Content you choose to an expertly Targeted Audience to drive traffic where you want it. 

– one campaign – $100
– two campaign – $125

The Market Leader Package
Spend a little time with us as we flood new and legacy audiences with consistently awesome content to start feeling the effects of being a market leader in social media. Includes full page administration, page reputation management, coordinated crisis response, and leveraged post promotion across blogs, Facebook channels and membership to “Flood FTW Club,” Flood’s social media resource Group on Facebook. Additional platforms Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter available. Six month program. Includes a lot of “Sizzling Custom Content.”

– two post –   $949
– three post – $1249
– three post & promo pushes – $1599


Fill Out Your Order With…

1001 Facebook Page Likes……………. $699
2020 Facebook Page Likes……………$1099
5150 Facebook Page Likes……………$1599
Facebook Page Setup……………………. $499

Blog Installation on Your Site………….. $499
Flood FTW FB Group Membership……$59/mo
With Any Other Service………30% Off One Item

With Market Leader Service……..50% Off Two Item






Flood’s post frequency is a reflection of the time and attention your audience is willing to give the average Business Page, one of at least 70 since 2013 the average Facebook user follows. We post less often with much better quality. We also post about as often as audiences want to see content from a traditional business interest.

Keep in mind, most businesses had almost nothing to say directly to the public as recently as 10 years ago. Speaking directly to your audience twice a month is a major transformation in business practice that we take very seriously. (Staying clear of unnecessary PR crises and flattering your audience with exceptional content are good examples of how Flood takes the job of communicating your business message seriously.) We leverage mostly high-quality messaging assets because it’s also our job to make sure the right people see and love messages from your business.

Look at an in-depth engagement case study, or an animation showing how we win engagement against a global agency, or check out The Flood Gallery of Engagement to see how Flood’s “less is more” philosophy delivers outstanding engagement numbers in the cluttered social media environment.