Newspapers get thrown out.
Radio and TV must be continuously repeated.
Billboards are ugly.
Digital display ads are, well, very annoying.

Engagement Lives On Your Page As Social Proof Forever

Finding the right marketing partner can be a complex business. You want innovation, but you do not want your brand turned into something you, and your customers, no longer recognize. You want something that can work with your current traditional ad budget (TV, radio, news, magazines, outdoor, etc) without simply doubling your current financial commitment. You are looking for a partner who can work with your business culture unobtrusively, and still find a way to deliver outstanding results.

With these concerns in mind, Flood has created a Three Tier System, making it possible for our clients to get a taste of what we do, before fully engaging.

With Facebook marketing you can bring us on as a Facebook partner at whatever level you choose.

  • Tier 1 is Ad Creation and Targeting Only
  • Tier 2 is Pilot Campaign to Test Content: We develop Custom Content for your business.
  • Tier 3 is Engagement: A Monthly Content Creation and Boost Campaign with a strategic outlook.

The Tier 1 Package gives you the opportunity to have Flood boost your current content to new audiences in your service area, and target likely-client demographics. To test our effectiveness, we can create a Facebook Ad Campaign and Boost for less than the cost of a single day of newsprint. All Tier Packages can be expanded and scaled to your business needs and the results of Flood’s work.

For a short explanation of content marketing, take a look at our Animated Explainer 01: Facebook Takes Time; Here’s How It Makes Money and Animated Explainer 02: Does Your Social Media Value People’s Time?

Screenshot Of Actual Post Engagement With A Budget Less Than 1/4 Page Newspaper Ad For One Single Day, Then Tossed
Actual Screenshot Of Post Engagement, From Qualified Local Demographics, With A Budget Less Than One Day Of A Single Local Newspaper Ad



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