Our rate is based upon projected deliverable sales, savings and/or liability loss aversion. For example, if your business will generate $100,000 additional revenue from our services, we are usually priced in a similar way to a sales commission. Each client is provided with a custom proposal with a tailor-made approach to your solution, so they may vary on a case to case basis. We offer sliding scales for organizations working for the good of society, startups and others.

Flood Content focuses primarily on ‘big ticket’ retail markets like furnishings, vehicles, and home upgrade services. We also work with celebrities, trade services, real estate, and the financial and commercial services industries.

While we typically serve clients selling big ticket items, we are a firm committed to the power and success of local, so we limit our national engagement to consulting roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your Flood assessment/proposal is based on what information we have available to us. We offer our assessments based on our estimation of the situation. The more information our prospective clients provide us, the more specific our assessment.
  • Proposals include a projected cost. In most cases, Flood charges for the completion of a project, not for hourly labor. As long as the scope of the work and the goals of the project do not change according to a Statement of Work, the proposal reflects the total amount you will pay.
  • We show you the value of our work. We provide in our assessment revenue and savings to your organization to show your business the value of the service Flood Content provides.
  • Flood usually provides package options. You can choose your level of engagement.

Last updated June 2017


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