Our typical client has undersold ‘unique business assets’ with significant untapped sales potential. Their social media presence is not highly developed. Flood creates high value content assets (custom articles and visuals) and leverages them across every media channel in play including crossposting with aligned groups and pages, reaching out to traditional press in target markets, and targeting niche audiences with links to custom content which brings them back to the sales.

Here’s how we do it: We start with exceptional content on your blog or website. Then we post that content to your Facebook Page. Finally, we pay Facebook to show your web content to your ideal customer.

When your ideal customer clicks, *boom* they are directed automatically to your sales funnel, on your website. The more engaging the post, the more sales traffic it drives.

And Likes stay on your Facebook Post as proof of relevance *forever.*

As one of a few agencies with the talent to produce highly engaging content, choosing Flood means better engagement and more sales.

If you are ready to take the lead on social media in your market, contact us. We make social media market leaders.

The Old Calais Firehouse, Diana Young (b. 1937 American), 40"x40", acrylic on canvas
The Old Calais Firehouse, Diana Young (b. 1937 American), 40″x40″, acrylic on canvas