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Flood’s mission is to be your ally in the field of brand and media marketing.

Our words and ideas help businesses become beloved brands in the eyes of the public. We use every platform of traditional and digital media to assist our business brands in becoming active members in America’s mediated society. We do this to protect reputation and promote overall prosperity.


Through the 20th Century, businesses enjoyed the freedom to operate without direct communication with the public we serve. Now that we have entered the age of social media, business can no longer rely on traditional media to communicate with the public. The messages and ideas of your business must be created by your business and distributed directly to the public.

Flood provides a process by which we can interpret, filter and craft messaging to best protect and position your brand. What we offer is useful intelligence in a field that is developing as fast as the issues that arise.

We provide our clients with a diversity of strategies, all guided from a foundation of sound principles. Our approach gives our clients informed options that may not have been available before.


The path to prosperity and success for businesses providing goods and services to the public has never before been this complex. This path now includes a challenging new reality: The media-enabled public. Public perception is our area of expertise. This is an ever-changing field and Flood is dedicated to mastering it for our clients.

For example, for almost a hundred years, it has been accepted as a basic premise that repeated, glowing endorsement by major media is a business asset. Today, nearly the opposite is true: Glossy coverage in the media can be taken by the public as a sign of inauthenticity. What has been a widely accepted media benefit has radically changed in less than ten years.

Flood helps steer the course of public messaging with an eye to how social media will receive that message. Flood minimizes the risk of brand decisions that can be problematic while positioning your brand to be received positively and enthusiastically by the public.

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