Marketing Service

The approximate amount of content Flood can create is an ocean of content.
This body of water is the approximate amount of high-quality content Flood can create.

Flood works with these Marketing Platforms:

  • Top Tier: Facebook, Instagram, Classic (Print and Web) Media
  • Second Tier: Google Adwords, YouTube and Twitter
  • Third Tier: LinkedIn, Yelp, Foursquare, Google Business Reviews, more

Flood specializes in these Platform Marketing Services:

  • Facebook Content Marketing
  • Facebook Audience Targeting
  • Facebook Page Management
  • Facebook Page Development
  • Facebook Tag Events
  • Instagram Content Marketing
  • Instagram Audience Targeting
  • Classic Media Content Marketing
  • Classic Media Influencer Targeting
  • Adwords Display Marketing
  • Adwords Audience Targeting
  • Google Place Review Development
  • Instagram Post Conversions
  • Facebook Check-In Conversions
  • Point of Sale Conversion Tracking

Flood specializes in creating Custom Content for Platform Marketing (Our Gateway to Definitive Business Branding in Social Media):

  • Commercial and Editorial Photo Content
  • Published Article Writing
  • Custom Video Creation
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We understand you are considering partnering with a company that will represent your brand. A good manager wants to know a little more before approaching a company like ours. For this reason, we give you this opportunity to learn a bit more about us first. We offer a preview of our intake documents exclusively for business leadership. Please fill out this form to request your Preview.
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We never share information.
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Our Intro-Pack Includes These Documents

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  • Our Limit of Lability Form
  • Complete List of Services
  • Flood’s Client Intake Steps (Hint: Easy for you)
  • Complete Mission Statement
  • Service Description Introduction Sample (Content Marketing)
  • Offer Available to Business Owners and Managers
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Clients requesting a proposal from Flood make no deposit and take on no risk.

North Carolina 828-505 6523
Tennessee  615-763 5663
Georgia 706-207 7403
Mailing Address PO Box 5445
Biltmore Station
Asheville, NC 28803

We provide branding and media marketing for companies all over the United States.

  • Branding and media marketing are provided by written proposal. Read our FAQ about intake here
  • Requests for proposal can be submitted here with our contact form or by email to
  • Questions? Please contact us by phone: (NC) 828-505-6523 (TN) 615-763-5663, (GA) 706-207-7403

How We Proceed

  • Flood drafts an assessment of work based on your request for proposal
  • Client accepts our proposal or passes on proposal

Have We Met?

Flood contractors work in media and business communities throughout the Southeast. Someone you know probably knows us if you don’t know us yourself. If you haven’t met us in person, you know who we are. We are people who are driven by our integrity of character; our passion for our work; and our situational intelligence. Our commitment to our business clients at Flood is well-documented.


Our media team creates outstanding media content for your company; then we place your stories in various platforms, including local and national media.