Dam Mondays

Monday we open the floodgates to our deep body of knowledge from 3pm-5pm Eastern Time

Give Flood A Try & Get To Know Us

We’re a lot like most business people. We sometimes find Mondays…a little trying. So we decided to make the end of the day Monday a lot more fun by giving ourselves a chance to meet a bunch of new people. Our gift to you? We’re shaving the last hours off your Monday with a perfect excuse to schedule an ‘important business call.’

That Annoying Question…Answered

It’s been in the back of your head annoying you since last December. Now you can ask us about about the insanely confusing new Facebook Page feature or rule switch that may or may not be truly important…for free. Call or chat and ask us what’s up. We spend all our waking hours following and researching the trends of social media. Ask Flood, and we will explain it to you better than a Google search ever could. It is our pleasure to share our knowledge and assist you.

If we end up having fun chatting about the new Wild West of social media and getting to know each other, we won’t let on we had fun if you won’t.

Giving Back & Finding New Partners

Flood Content is bursting at the seams with volumes of exceptionally high quality information about branding in the media marketing environment. Dam Mondays give us a chance to give back to businesses and organizations in our community that might not be able to afford our regular consulting service. Nice guys that we are, we are offering our massive reserve of knowledge to anyone for free.

We also figure there’s a good chance we’ll meet our best new clients on Dam Mondays. Like our initial consultation and written proposals, Dam Mondays are free without obligation. We know there’s a world of social media solutions waiting to flow, and we will not be responsible for holding those solutions up.

Opening the gates to Flood’s deep reservoir of knowledge each week is one way we make the social media environment a better place for everyone. Use this form to reserve your time for a phone call or chat.

Yes, I Want To Solve A Problem For Free And Make Monday A Little Better
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