Use This Link To Appeal Facebook’s Decision To Reject An Image For Your Ad Campaign
This painting by Travis Clement triggered the bot at Facebook that scans images for 'too much text.' Because the painting itself is made out of text, I need to appeal the decision to a human being at Facebook. Here's the link.

March 10, 2018 Facebook’s advertising policy is notoriously strict regarding having too much ‘text in images.’ But what if your image is made out of text like the example that was just rejected by Facebook for my fine art Page, Flood Content and Fine Art? In that case, you must once more do the impossible […]

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Here’s The Direct Facebook Support Ticket Link To Resolve Billing Problems For Business Ad Accounts (File: Getting A Human To Respond From Facebook)
Facebook: The most puzzling cube puzzle of them all.

Many of us don’t know how it feels to live closed in by impenetrable walls and governed by an occupying force that provides no answers, transparency, reasoning or humans to answer basic questions about how ‘the regime’ works. Yet for many of us in the ‘free West,’ our relationship with Facebook – even, or maybe […]

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