Dialogue Box No. 1: Diana Young on Maine Landscapes

Social Sales Director T.R. Brogunier interviews Diana Young* on three dramatic 40 x 40″ landscape paintings from her work in the Maine landscape. If you have Roku, recommend you sit back on the couch to watch with YouTube on the big screen and listen to the artist give all the inside details on her work […]

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Use This Link To Appeal Facebook’s Decision To Reject An Image For Your Ad Campaign
This painting by Travis Clement triggered the bot at Facebook that scans images for 'too much text.' Because the painting itself is made out of text, I need to appeal the decision to a human being at Facebook. Here's the link.

March 10, 2018 Facebook’s advertising policy is notoriously strict regarding having too much ‘text in images.’ But what if your image is made out of text like the example that was just rejected by Facebook for my fine art Page, Flood Content and Fine Art? In that case, you must once more do the impossible […]

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Here’s The Direct Facebook Support Ticket Link To Resolve Billing Problems For Business Ad Accounts (File: Getting A Human To Respond From Facebook)
Facebook: The most puzzling cube puzzle of them all.

Many of us don’t know how it feels to live closed in by impenetrable walls and governed by an occupying force that provides no answers, transparency, reasoning or humans to answer basic questions about how ‘the regime’ works. Yet for many of us in the ‘free West,’ our relationship with Facebook – even, or maybe […]

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Maine’s Diana Young, Virtuoso ‘Painter of Places,’ Joins Flood Fine Art
Sydney's Garden House, 2004, Diana Young, 36 x 36 inches, gouache, $3200

Flood Content is honored to be representing Diana Young, a virtuoso landscape painter based in Bangor, Maine. In 2017, Young began her sixth decade living and working in the US state famous for breathtaking beauty, natural diversity, and small town charm. Having resisted the formality of gallery representation since before the 1980s fine art boom, […]

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How Publishing Original Content Makes Your Company A Social Media Hero

Facebook has some problems. One big one is that the ‘Facebook experience’ can have an overall negative effect on users. Back in 2013, The New Yorker ran “How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy.” Then a study came out in 2015 concluding Facebook “compromises well-being.” One outlet offered 22 more reasons to why Facebook has a negative impact […]

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Future market share belongs to today’s forward thinking company, the company that embraces social media. From optometrist, to plumber, to jeweler, to hospital, social media authority in most fields of expertise in Asheville is still open, waiting for a business leader to step into the position of most relevant, most valuable, most loved. That’s about […]

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Bully Consumers With Media Buys That Force Them To Watch Your Clever Message Repeatedly
Old Broken 1960s TV

1. Use purchasing muscle to buy up large blocks of airtime on every media platform. 2. Deliver repetitive ad agency messages that are very clever to “capture the imagination” of your audience. 3. Close your eyes and pray your way back to 1987, when consumers had no choice but to accept they would be forced […]

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No One Likes 1470 Business Posts A Week Except Your Ad Agency

Conventional social media marketing wisdom advocates three posts a day from your company. That’s 21 posts a week…just from your Page. As of 2013, the average US Facebook Profile Likes 70 Facebook Pages. This means that, according to conventional agency wisdom, the average Facebook user wants to see 1470 Posts from Public Pages they follow […]

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Case Study Q3 2017
Stock Image Announcing Debut of Colton Facebook Page

Closing the Social Proof Gap to Win Social Media Authority INTRODUCTION A small mattress manufacturing and retail firm in Asheville, North Carolina had no social media marketing platform or strategy. The client wanted a platform that featured products, encouraged fans to share experiences, and generated sales activity at the retail location. SOLUTION They chose Flood […]

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Even Major Advertising Companies Have Boring Facebook Pages (Video)
5 Reactions Is The Average Post Engagement Of A Major PR Agency Over 30 days In 2017

When the top ad agencies in the country ‘don’t get it,’ let’s take the opportunity to give you and everyone in your business organization a break for also ‘not getting it.’ Content marketing is widely misunderstood, even by the people running the Facebook Page for a global social agency. This Flood original animation video features […]

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