Facebook has some problems. One big one is that the ‘Facebook experience’ can have an overall negative effect on users. Back in 2013, The New Yorker ran “How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy.” Then a study came out in 2015 concluding Facebook “compromises well-being.” One outlet offered 22 more reasons to why Facebook has a negative impact on users. Now there’s an April 2017 study from Harvard that’s ‘more conclusive’ than the 2015 study that Facebook depresses happiness.

Throw in fake news headaches and a controversial president who’s never met a news cycle he didn’t love, and what you have is a platform in need of positive content. While some advertisers are opting-out of marketing in proximity to any kind of controversy, I am advising Flood clients to embrace a unique opportunity: The opportunity to improve the experience of Facebook users with original business content.

Facebook dwarfs social media competitors in 2017 survey.
Facebook dwarfs social media competitors in 2017 survey.

Facebook isn’t going anywhere. Even users who aren’t highly active use the platform to stay connected to friends and family. For the foreseeable future, Facebook is set to be the social media channel of record: The go-to social hub for the majority of people using social networks. Going into 2018, Facebook is the world’s biggest social platform with millions of people ready for a positive message. Content marketing gives your business the opportunity to improve the experience of thousands of users.

Maybe you are lucky enough to run a business in a market where people are more positive. Even so, no matter where you are, social media has a problem with making people feel bad, and that is a major opportunity for your business. Here are six ways your business can benefit from reversing negative expectations on Facebook:

    • WOW! FROM THE START: Well-written business content is uncommon. People expect “blah” from business content. This is an opportunity to give them Wow!, which gets attention and respect for your business. You also pleasantly surprise people by overcoming their negative expectations. Rewarding surprises are a wonderful gift to give your audience.


    • BE USEFUL: Unusual, memorable and different: That’s the way to introduce yourself or develop a new relationship! By offering value from the start, you frame how the public perceive your business: As a useful resource that gives. In terms of branding and reputation, this puts your business ahead of your competition, because most businesses working on Facebook promote:
      • Content that might be clever or fleetingly interesting to the audience, or
      • Boosts that say, “We exist, Like us,” a type of post that is almost as unrewarding to your audience as the ‘Like Us On Facebook’ roadsigns.Giving useful content from the beginning actually gives potential new customers a reason to “Like” and engage with your business.


    • PROVE RELEVANCE: Marketing with useful information is a relatively new opportunity for businesses.  Content from businesses like yours offers the opportunity to educate and improve the experience of your target demographic. Using social media to maximize this opportunity shows your company takes an interest in the improvement of the community in general, an important social signal in the social media era.


    • STEP INTO AUTHORITY: Being ahead of your competition on social media puts your business in the position of becoming the ‘social media authority’ for your market. Each market can accommodate one, sometimes more, authoritative resource for each trade on social media. Social media gives your business the opportunity to become that authority in your market. 


    • FIND YOUR SUPERFANS: Your promoted content gives Superfans an opportunity to love your business. By opening a dialogue with your customers and new prospects, you provide a channel to engage Superfans. These are people who are already totally in love with your business and/or product. A single Superfan talking about your business on social media is priceless publicity. Without opening your business to social media, your Superfans never get a chance to rave about your business on social media, a major miss. 


    • LAND BIGGER FISH: Most business executives understand a working dialogue with the public on social media is a must for being a successful business in 2017. A well-executed social media page gives big money the confidence you know how to manage marketing and business reputation in the 21st century. Publishing articles and leveraging the power of the social medium sends a signal to bigger fish such as investors or c-suite execs who might give you a major business account, that you take your reputation and marketing on social media seriously.


    • MAKE THE SALE ON YOUR HOME COURT: Content marketing is a great opportunity to show your best assets and begin the process of converting your audience into customers. Posting content from your website on Facebook means that people are directed out of Facebook into your sales funnel when they click on your Facebook post. And don’t forget your relationship is starting off with a positive value, so you have goodwill from the outset.

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