Future market share belongs to today’s forward thinking company, the company that embraces social media.

From optometrist, to plumber, to jeweler, to hospital, social media authority in most fields of expertise in Asheville is still open, waiting for a business leader to step into the position of most relevant, most valuable, most loved.

That’s about to change. Flood is preparing to bring single businesses to authority positions in social media. We can’t make you the coolest brewery, but we can make you more relevant than you horizontal competitors. A. Lot. More. Relevant.

How? By telling your story in a way that people WANT to read about on Facebook.

Flood Content is preparing to turn a handful of quality Asheville businesses into the most relevant, most talked about, most embraced businesses in town. We are professional content marketers. Our job is to figure out what makes you awesome, write about it, and tell your most likely new customers by delivering targeted content to your target market. Over. And. Over. And. Over. Again.

We go to sleep and wake up with high-engagement, low CPC and exclusive custom high quality content for our clients in mind. That’s all we do. We don’t make websites. We don’t do Adwords. We generate real sales while expanding brand and market share on Facebook, the only platform your business needs to dominate.


Not sure Content Marketing is for your business?

No problem. Flood can market your business on our Facebook News Page to local Asheville markets to give you a taste of our content marketing SIZZLE. We write about what makes you awesome, then tell everyone.

We have space for 3 clients right now (October 25, 2017), that’s it. Are you ready to check out what Content Marketing can do for your business in one of the most social towns in the South? Ok. Cool. On your Page or ours, Flood is ready to tell the story of your business a hundred different ways.


Social media engagement is social proof.
Market leaders show engagement.
Engagement is proof forever.


Are you experiencing brand dawdle, name recognition fade, or business traffic slowdown in a crowded market? How can we help transform your business into the talk of the town? Let us know how we can team up to broadcast your business ideas across your market.

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