Conventional social media marketing wisdom advocates three posts a day from your company. That’s 21 posts a week…just from your Page. As of 2013, the average US Facebook Profile Likes 70 Facebook Pages. This means that, according to conventional agency wisdom, the average Facebook user wants to see 1470 Posts from Public Pages they follow each week. We don’t need to provide a link or cite an article to show this is a ridiculous idea, because no time-strapped human wants that kind of clutter on Facebook or any other social media feed.

Barring any timely message that must go out (new inventory, sales, etc.), we believe your current fans, and the fans you haven’t started finding yet, all want to hear from your company *at most* once per week. Unless you’re a favorite clothing brand or Beyonce, which 99% of traditional businesses are not, literally no one is interested in what your business has to say 30 times a month – let alone 90 times a month.

From zero messages from your business to the public as few as ten years ago, to multiple messages from your business to the public every month is a major shift in itself. (Read here about how seriously Flood takes this responsibility on behalf of our clients.) Everyone’s new at this. Doesn’t it make sense to make your messages meaningful and fewer instead of abundant and unfocused?

Our culture has rapidly grown out of the idea of “stuff,” but ad agencies depend on producing ‘stuff’ for corporate clients. So they have every reason to tell their clients that it is crucial to crank out, and congest, the media environment with lots of the client’s “stuff.”

Recently ‘content curation’ has become the rage – as though the work around for making content with actual value is to intelligently spam your audience with other people’s content. It seems like no one in the social media industry has come to the unprofitable realization that ‘more stuff’ is exactly what audiences do not want. People want value, not clutter. Stuff is what we all have too much of.

You know your friend who posts too much about not too much? The one you quietly tolerate, then politely unfollow? That’s the behavior most agencies are advocating for their business clients. At Flood Content, we consider overposting (a social media faux pas even easier for a business to commit than a human being) to be the ‘expressway to irrelevant and unpopular.’ Or, as AC/DC put it: The Highway to Hell. The solution is smart, compelling content…not too often.

If your business has something important to say every day of every week of every year to the public, then we encourage you to send that message. If you are like most traditional business services, you weren’t even talking to the public directly ten years ago. If you’d like some guidance with that, Flood would be happy to help you find a solution that works for your business.

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