Closing the Social Proof Gap to Win Social Media Authority

A small mattress manufacturing and retail firm in Asheville, North Carolina had no social media marketing platform or strategy. The client wanted a platform that featured products, encouraged fans to share experiences, and generated sales activity at the retail location.

They chose Flood Content to set up their platform and develop a content marketing strategy by leveraging the unique assets of the business in targeted social media messages.

Flood Administrative Services established ownership of a user generated Page and transformed it into a social media marketing platform. Flood then created custom content specifically crafted to highlight the unique assets of the business to develop a new audience, build social proof and drive sales.

In two months, Colton Mattress transformed from a company with no social media presence to a company with the most effective Post Engagement in its market, driving sales traffic and across market brand identification. Messaging positioned the client to win their market in terms of framing of positive social attributes.

“Our new Facebook Page has been a significant factor in very strong sales this season. I would recommend Flood Content to any business looking for outstanding service and results.”

With an average boosted Post Engagement of 52 Likes/Reactions, Flood transformed Colton Mattress from total social media darkness to one of the most engaging social media businesses in the Asheville big-ticket retail sales market.

Announcement of Company Page Launch
Announcement of Company Page Launch
Short Run Promotion of Client's Legacy Video
Short Run Promotion of Client’s Legacy Video
Facebook Page Note Packaged for Post Engagement
Facebook Page Note Packaged for Post Engagement

Developing the company’s social profile and brand also resulted in the emergence of a company Superfan, who has agreed to be featured in future social media campaigns for the company.

Company Superfan Agrees To Be Featured in Social Media
Company Superfan Agrees To Be Featured in Social Media

Using a deep asset approach with the client to create blockbuster content for engagement over a short startup contract enabled the client to position themselves as market leaders in the Asheville market. Strong, tech forward marketing increased shopper loyalty and opened the door to the development of a strong Superfan to develop future engagement campaigns for the client.

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