When the top ad agencies in the country ‘don’t get it,’ let’s take the opportunity to give you and everyone in your business organization a break for also ‘not getting it.’ Content marketing is widely misunderstood, even by the people running the Facebook Page for a global social agency.

This Flood original animation video features actual screenshots of Facebook Like reactions taken from a global social pr/ad agency’s Facebook page. In an irony that cannot possibly be more painfully obvious, the Cover Image at the top of their Facebook Page at the time I was making this video shows a man proposing to a woman with the words, “Earn Engagement.”

“Earning engagement” in a 30 day time span for this major advertising agency, meant averaging 5, yes a total of five, Post Reactions over a 30 day period from July to August. And if there is any doubt that Post Engagement has little to do with Page Like Audience: This page is just shy of 20,000 Page Likes.

By contrast, Flood has delivered 70+ Post Reactions to clients with brand new pages with under 100 Page Likes. Getting the word out about your business means serving amazing content to new audiences. Building Page Likes exclusively and Serving self-referential content is a near epidemic of social media – it shows a deep ignorance of what content marketing is and how implementing it properly can jettison your business into authoritative prominence in your market.

That’s why Flood spends as much time, talent and targeting only on High Quality Content. Anything less implies to your audience you don’t value their time. And that’s a really surprising message to be seeing from the nations best paid corporate messaging agencies.

Even industry leaders don’t get it, so give yourself a break. Take a breath. And take this opportunity to get in touch with this small Asheville agency to learn how we can take you ahead of the curve.



August 14, 2017 – Asheville, NC

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