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Corporations with Board Members from across the globe are looking for the best photography option for corporate retreats in Atlanta (pictured), Nashville, and Asheville, NC. Flood has put together this quick reference for you on what to look for when hiring a photographer for your Board of Directors on location.

Great Corporate Portraiture doesn’t ‘just happen.’ Here are a few of our criteria for getting exceptional portraits at your Annual Meeting or Corporate Retreat:

  1. Location. You will be surprised how much more work is demanded of your staff if you are working with someone who is not familiar with the scheduled city or region. Your photographer needs to be familiar with the terrain and area of the photo shoot. It’s also important to choose a location with strong photographic appeal and character. Your photographer should be familiar enough with the terrain to work with you in preproduction to determine a great location.
  2. Gear. Make certain your photographer has the proper studio equipment that can be deployed on location. Too many ‘professional’ photographers under-light portraits with on-camera flash that gives an informal and unimpressive tone to these critical photographs. Get a photographer with a real studio kit that can work on location.
  3. Collaboration. Before any successful photoshoot, there is a period of ‘preproduction’ in which your photographer is going to walk through the shoot with you and discuss location, outfits, and timing. Knowing how to effectively collaborate takes experience and people skills. If your photographer isn’t collaborating with you before the shoot, you will likely run into more problems during the actual shoot.
  4. Rapport. Rapport. Rapport. The attitude of your photographer is everything! At its heart, great photography is a collaboration between the photographer and the subject. Make sure to book a photographer who knows that the key to making great pictures is putting people at ease and capturing a comfortable and beautiful moment.
  5. Ease of service. Have you ever to a wedding where the photographer micro-managed how everyone stood, in a long, endless time consuming process? This kind of rigid style makes for the classic ‘uncomfortable’ and frozen portraits that in 2017 have only an ironic appeal. (Hint: Avoid ironic appeal in business portraits at all times!) Photography can be an uncomfortable experience for many people. Taking too long and making the process the subject’s problem is a classic faux pas of even the most experienced photographic professionals. Get someone who knows what they are doing; takes care of their end of the shoot; and make the process of photography, a highly technical occupation, a pleasant, worry-free experience for the people who are being photographed.
  6. Fast. Board Members aren’t chosen to be decision makers because they have a tremendous amount of time on their hands. In fact the very opposite is true: Boards of Directors tend to be very busy and on tight schedules at annual retreats or conferences. At the end of a Corporate Portrait shoot, it is usually only one great image that is required. It’s important to find a photographer who works quickly to get the desired result.
  7. Simplicity. Visual clutter in photographs is a serious problem. Your photographer needs to be able to work within the restrictions of your chosen location to make simple, beautiful images without too much ‘busy-ness’ in the image. Make sure to pick a photographer who knows that the subject is the most important part of the photograph and that everything from the Light to the Background is there to compliment the subject.
  8. Can they photograph ‘Regular People?’ One key question you need to ask when selecting a Corporate Portraitist is this: Can this person photograph ‘Regular People’ and make them look fantastic? This is not as easy as it seems. Exceptional photographers aren’t making photographs, they are crafting images with lines, depth and color. Knowing the visual language of images of people makes all the difference in how a photograph ‘reads.’ Many photographers are blessed with a constant flow of attractive and photogenic models who ‘read’ perfectly at every angle. However, making ‘regular people’ look both authoritative and attractive is a must when photographing a Corporate Board.

When your portraits are being made for all forms of media: website, social media, print in annual reports, presentations and more, your images need to be clean, well-lit, compelling and versatile. We hope this list of 8 criteria for great Corporate Retreat and Annual Meeting photography will help you make the right hiring decision.

If your event is in Atlanta, Asheville or Nashville, Flood’s network of freelance specialty photographers is an excellent option to book a seasoned pro. Please contact Ed Hooper at Flood Nashville so we may connect you to a fantastic, experienced professional in your area for excellent results.

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