Why Our Business Motto Sounds Like An Insurance Company

Broken Fences Do Not Make Great Neighbors

December 6, 2016
by Edward Hooper
Our motto: “Prosperity and Protection for Business Large and Small.”

The advertising equation has radically changed. Obviously a business believes its product or service is the best, making purchased media advertising suspect. For an audience with a lifetime of experience with advertising, there is very little a business can do in advertising that is not expected or anticipated by the consumer. Most of the public assumes the bias is baked into paid advertising. Conversely, stories about a company or brand that appear in the social media environment, shared by other impartial media creators, are gold. Getting the public excited about your business is highly influential.

We no longer live in a world of limited media time and space. Media is only limited by the attention span and interest of people who post, people of influence. For practical purposes, media is limitless. Successful media means welcoming the audience into the discussion, sharing authority and ideas with your audience. A brand can either include itself, by entering and becoming part of the dialogue, or intentionally not include itself and forgo all benefits of social media.


For a compelling and strong brand that chooses to engage the media environment, media comes for free and in abundance. Your brand lives and responds to the social media environment – an information infrastructure that is always watching and sharing the most interesting stories.


As an ‘advertiser’ in 2016, the primary factor of control you have over your brand is how well you can craft and guide stories involving your brand towards the positive; and how well you can keep negative stories about your brand from developing into truly negative publicity, ‘protection.’


Everyone wishes detractors would disappear, or never appear in the first place. We do to. Most businesses have some kind of public image, and the public eye is no cakewalk. People love to complain. (And we hope some haters quote us on that, because sometimes the right people getting up in your grill can really get the word out, ref. Streisand Effect.)  At Flood, we believe that since we are offering promotion, we need to also offer a way to deal with detractors.


When the public has unlimited access to your narrative, you lose a lot of control. Being a brand in social media; being talked about; and being a good business is a strong position, but not strong enough. Tough times do happen. When we create photos, stories and content for your brand, we are working with you to make media and narratives that are compelling, but anticipate the next level of social media.


We build ideas and narratives that are designed to avoid the dangerous flip side of social media expression: Well intentioned stories that can go negative or put your business and brand in a position that makes you vulnerable to social media attack.


This is why we sound like and insurance company sometimes. It’s not glamorous, but it’s important. At the end of the day, we offer an important form of protection to our clients. Because while free media can make your business the topic of a thousand positive conversations, as soon as social media influencers see something about your business they don’t like or disagree with, the conversation can turn ugly.


We work to catch the stuff they might attack you on before it happens. Prevention, it’s a good idea if care about effective marketing in 2016.

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