Why Help Good Businesses Do Better?

November, 29, 2016
RE: Helping Good Businesses Do Better
by Edward Hooper, Staff Writer

Good businesses don’t just provide great services to customers, they set the bar for good ethics and best practices in the communities they serve. But do businesses get the credit they deserve for doing great things for the communities they are in? Most of the time they do not. Flood is passionate about reversing this trend. Good business deserves to do better.

Bad Business Can Spoil the “Business Environment”
Too often in the history of business, businesses have been rewarded for short-sighted practices that deliver a short term or quarterly profit but leave a path of unethical practices and unhappy, resentful customers and others who may be affected by business ‘externalities.’ Conversely, businesses that are doing tremendous good in a way that can be ripped apart by media can be attacked and disappear overnight.

Good business needs access to an intelligent advocate and defense in the social media marketplace. Flood Content / Flood Business Intelligence is designed to be that service. At Flood, we have dedicated our business to being THE advocate in the social media marketplace for your business. We gather intelligence for you, telling the best stories and defending your reputation against haters in a productive way.

No business can do the exact right thing every time, and we don’t believe any business or individual should be held to such an unreasonable standard. But we have entered a time in history, fueled by the transparency of social media, in which businesses can be evaluated in terms of their net effect on their community. Bad practices will come to light. Good practices will come to light. If your business is interesting and you are truly part of the marketplace, you’re in the spotlight all the time.

Haters Gonna Hate, Social Media Is Their Weapon
As a business owner, you are familiar with a single undeniable fact about people: There are a handful of people who want to do harm to you and your business for being who you are: Smart, successful and unapologetic about doing what you do well.

Unfortunately, social media has emboldened the ‘determined detractor‘ with an arsenal of new weaponry to attack successful businesses. Online reviews are one form. Propagating online stories or ‘click bait’ about your business that is based on hearsay or just lies is another, potentially crippling, form of social media attack.

In an extreme situation like this, Flood looks at the mediascape from your business’ frame of reference to determine risks associated with stories you are putting out, or stories media is putting out on its own, and formulates strategy and response (or no response) accordingly.

Your Business And Our Philosophy Likely Match
Flood Content is a business service with many facets dedicated to a single cause: Business health and prosperity. We particularly like businesses that are guided by ethical principles. While we are aware of the many tough tradeoffs required to run a successful business, we do make a distinction between a good business that can’t always do the perfect thing, and a bad business that can’t seem to do much social good.

Our philosophy is simple: In today’s media environment, running a good business is a path to prosperity. We are here to help you develop that path

Our goal, like many of our clients, is to do good work and make a good living doing it. Most of our clients share our values: They are good people running businesses that, at the end of the day, contribute to the well-being of society

Do you feel like there are instances that good businesses are not being recognized or being attacked for doing great things? Please respond in comments if you think so.

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