Wowing Clients With Your Holiday Card

2015 Holiday Card - 7 Photo Green Screen CompositeLast year, my hair stylist in Georgia mentioned in passing that she had seen something about people riding woolly mammoths across a desert in a magazine, and “wouldn’t it be great to do something like that for the salon’s holiday card this year?”

I’m not always immediately convinced my hair stylist, who has an active imagination and a shotgun disposition, has the best ideas, but the truth is for several years I have been commissioned to do the salon’s annual holiday card, and every year the themes keep getting more, let’s say…involved. This was sometime in September, so I said I’d ‘let the idea marinate’ for awhile.

At a later hair appointment, Michelle showed me tear sheet of what she was referring to and we surfed the web to flesh out the original idea. We never got to a point in conceptual pre-production requiring a mood board, but we came close. By the time all the levels of salon ownership approval were cleared, we had the green light for a green screen photo session the weekend of Thanksgiving…with 13 hair salon divas and one BFF.

Add to this achievement the work of one very talented digital artist to composite clouds, stallions, unicorn horns, sparkles and cheer, and what you see here is one of the more intense Holiday Cards anyone might hope to run into in 2015 or 2025. And what makes such a project so satisfying? That everyone involved never stops pushing their creative limits, and pause only when necessary.

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