Social Media Is A Dangerous Game, Pt. 1

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November 9, 2016

There is an orthodoxy in marketing that dictates your business ‘must be on social media.’ First off, with a robust referral network, this is simply not true. The only marketing obligation any business has to itself is to make sales. If your referral network is delivering all the sales you need, social media at its best operates as a second tier referral network.

In terms of advertising, in other words, getting your name to people who are not familiar with your product or your service, social media is nearly the only game in town. The truth is that social media marketing is by far the best channel for advertising your business. In many respects, social media, or membership in App-driven databases such as Yelp, are the only channel for advertising in 2016. For most small and medium sized local businesses, word of mouth is by far the best source of new business. Social media is an extension of ‘word of mouth.’ Advertising  The flip side of that truth is that social media can be a very dangerous game.

You probably knew that already. For me, it took a minute to figure out how, exactly, social media can be dangerous.

Business, like life, has parts you want to show, and parts you would prefer not to show. When social media is working for you, it’s great: You can launch your company into the contemporary conversation, react to relevant news stories, create your own compelling narrative, and watch as clients and the public line up behind your business and make it a topic of conversation.

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