Facebook Page Likes cost many businesses $1000's, even 100's of thousands, of dollars each year. Even the United States Department of State spent $630,000 on Page Likes. Yet Page Likes mean almost nothing because no matter how many Likes your Page has, Facebook is serving your Business Page Posts to almost no one.

The future of social media advertising for businesses offering goods and services that are more competitive than captivating is in Paid Targeted Engagement. Delivering intelligently targeted high-value content to new audiences is what Flood does.

Without Paid Engagement, your Facebook messages are effectively invisible to the public. What takes your company so much time and effort is wasted, because it is hidden.

Flood solves this problem by creating Outstanding Custom Content about the unique assets of your business (see this video). We then serve our Content to a completely New Audience Targeted to your best sales demographic, in your service area.

Flood service gives new prospects the opportunity to engage and love your service and your brand.

If you are ready to embrace the beauty of 40, 50, 70 Engagements per Post (see this video) with State-Of-The-Art Marketing Expertise, then Flood Content is ready to deliver this outstanding advertising solution to your business this fall.

We are a custom solution, so our current roster is limited to exactly TWO (2) new Facebook marketing clients. Contact us right now if you want to find out how Flood can make your business amazing on social media.
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Case Studies

A few of our recent sales success stories. 
The Crossroads of Music and Painting
Creating a social media presence and sales platform for established American painter Tobin Sprout amid a niche audience on Facebook.

Developed brand identity. Created social media page. Collected and organized assets. Press to media, blogs, Groups for launch.

1600% Page Like growth in the first week. A cutting edge Facebook project at the intersection of music and visual art engineered to build significant interest among music and art fans and sell fine art directly from Facebook.

One of my favorite painters also plays really amazing music
Virtual Crowd Control in Georgia
Directing public relations and social media for Art Rocks Athens, a foundation for the preservation of major visual art forms in Athens, Georgia from 1975-1985.

Worked with Board to plan and successfully execute Kickstarter to finance art shows. Assisted in the planning and scope of events and exhibitions. Created custom content for event iPhone app. Wrote and directed press releases, media contacts, and social media strategy.

Over $10,000 raised on social media. Write ups placed in all major Athens, Atlanta media and art-focused publications including full cover spreads of art work featured. A weekend of three major shows and two major events brought thousands of attendees, many who traveled all over the country for the events.

Art Rocks Athens
Social Media Hand to The Mattress King
Facebook Page development and social-media based new sales for Asheville’s Colton Mattress Company.

Claimed automatically generated Page from Facebook for company. Collected and loaded photo and data assets to Facebook Page, developed early qualified, local Page Likes with minimal budget. Developed, wrote, and managed sponsored post campaigns with local, targeted engagement.

Brought key asset into possession and control of client. Without client engagement, brought Page from 0 to 100 Likes in 14 days. Created content focused on unique assets of company engaging at over 35x the rate of comparable businesses with similar assets in the same market. Cultivated relationships with hyper-engaged business fans, securing rights for advertising campaigns based on real Facebook users. Generation of measurable new sales from Facebook to business owner.

Colton Mattress Factory
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