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You know when you're on Facebook and some article appears in your feed and you don't know why, but you're interested because it's about something you're interested in? We create those articles, then we serve them to people like you. People who like high quality content.

Flood's content creation and distribution delivers market leadership to our clients. We do this by making exceptionally high quality content that showcases the unique assets of our clients.

Many industries and markets do not have clearly defined leaders in social media. That's going to change very soon because of companies like Flood. Flood Content, and a handful of companies like Flood, are bringing businesses to market leadership positions on Facebook, the most important social media platform in the world.

Flood is offering two new clients the opportunity to stake their claim on future market share by becoming social leaders now. Flood may be in a position to extend this offer to you.

We don’t build websites. We don’t do Adwords. We just make the most engaging content about your company that you, your current fans, and your waiting-to-be-discovered fans have ever seen. Then we serve our fresh content to new, expertly targeted audiences to expand your authority and market share.

Flood's clients are boosted into social media prominence quickly, with outstanding engagement. And our content continues to engage audiences over and over again.

That’s what we do.

Take a look at our Case Studies to see how we do it.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, serving clients in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, New York City, Michigan and more.
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Client Vignettes

Some success stories.
The Crossroads of Music and Painting
Creating a social media presence and sales platform for established American painter Tobin Sprout amid a niche audience on Facebook.

Developed brand identity. Created social media page. Collected and organized assets. Press to media, blogs, Groups for launch.

1600% Page Like growth in the first week. A cutting edge Facebook project at the intersection of music and visual art engineered to build significant interest among music and art fans and sell fine art directly from Facebook.

One of my favorite painters also plays really amazing music
Virtual Crowd Control in Georgia
Directing public relations and social media for Art Rocks Athens, a foundation for the preservation of major visual art forms in Athens, Georgia from 1975-1985.

Worked with Board to plan and successfully execute Kickstarter to finance art shows. Assisted in the planning and scope of events and exhibitions. Created custom content for event iPhone app. Wrote and directed press releases, media contacts, and social media strategy.

Over $10,000 raised on social media. Write ups placed in all major Athens, Atlanta media and art-focused publications including full cover spreads of art work featured. A weekend of three major shows and two major events brought thousands of attendees, many who traveled all over the country for the events.

Art Rocks Athens
Turning Human Interest into Social Media Fire
Using the Flood Content blog platform to launch Sponsored Posts on Facebook to Targeted Audiences for local engagement.

Market testing organic traction of short, human interest Stories on Facebook and Instagram for local engagement. A simple one week campaign.

Our "Rave Local" Test Campaign was viewed by 927 Asheville residents on Facebook. 58 engaged with the content at a cost per engagement of 32¢, $2.08 lower than the suggested per engagement bid of $2.40. On Instagram, 538 Asheville locals saw our Campaign: 90 people engaged at a cost of 12¢ per engagement. Two Superfan relationships developed for a Featured Business. Flood Content gains social proof, brand recognition, and retargeting audiences.

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Here's where we publish case studies that prove our work is as effective as we say. Our occupational obsessions include audience targeting, unique business assets (4 P's), engagement only content, superfan cultivation, media environment cycles, social media crisis de-escalation and fine art collecting.
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